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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2014 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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ukrainian army has regained control over the eastern ukrainian cities of slavyansk forcing civilians to flee for their lives as heavy shelling continues. also in the cheers of the villages of condit a show after tuesday's airstrike which killed twelve people including a five year old boy. in israeli army uniforms a film brutally beating a fifteen year old who was protesting against the slaying of his cousin palestinian teen who was abducted and burned alive. in the extremist
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islamic state group formerly known as isis sites beyond iraq and syria as western governments struggle with the renewed threat of terrorists coming home from the war ravaged middle east. welcome my name's deal harvey and you're watching. first for you this hour ukrainian troops have established control of a. crane after government forces retreated from the city. it was a day of constant gunfire and widespread fear heavy army shelling started in slavyansk early in the morning and even ambulances that were evacuating patients from
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hospital caban defiant disorder at least six people were killed in the most recent onslaught most of them elderly. and ukrainian flag has been raised over the administration building in slavia ants while the government hailed the recent seizures a triumph civilians emerged to see their city reduced to rubble or than two months of siege including shelling and artillery fire had already left many areas in ruins . in nearby kramatorsk procure of troops have also put up the national flag over the city hall to show that they're back in charge again but for locals the battle for control of the city has been nothing short of a nightmare. so that's what you should do it was a new one up which is michael meyers because that's all. it will go in and sure.
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of this. many residents income atolls could be left even without a roof over their heads and worried that violence will flare up again many believe this is most and. now being forced out but they say there is determined deserve to keep on fighting. and they have pulled back towards the city of. the regional capital done yet ukraine's fourth largest city with a population of almost a million these are the roots which the anti-government forces fought to have taken those which have already reached the city say they are preparing to resist the army which is recently taken more villages under control it's a very different scene though compared to just two years ago if you think back when done yet was one of the host cities of the european football championships the nearby lugansk region remains strongly opposed to government control and is under
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constant attack from the air a local say that the hospital has accepted at least eighty injured people during the last twenty four hours recent attacks also claimed more civilian lives. numerous reality is the least not crucial. jimmy. now to the village of. in the same area which was devastated by an airstrike earlier this week residents there have been burying their dead twelve people including a five year old boy were killed dozens more were injured in the air raid which ukrainian army commanders claim was carried out accidentally auntie's me if i'm not sure i was at the funerals and do please be aware there are some graphic images coming up in her reports. a day of mourning in the village of static and
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the show of. residents gathered to pay tribute to those killed and wednesday's shelling of. the van the youngest victim celebrated his fifth birthday just a day before his death. new tone as he didn't even have time to play with him. next to his coughing another larger one this is yvonne's father. led him in his body and face a covered only pieces and left after one of the shells landed in literally from the man. who visited the village shortly after the bombardment this is read and there's body on the ground locals say bombs were dropped from two airplanes they counted at least eighteen craters. so my lords are ready to let us go survive because popovers prevented is the message here is. that security really
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bring you some honor to duty and. we're going to have brought the burton had. the goods. meanwhile he denies it and forces were involved he is the ukrainian state media turnitin picture of what happened then very much if you give fellowship fifty dollars and you know might have checked on they don't look like you know but i didn't if you skip it i don't. mean fifty casual of annoyed see a terroristic blah political get in the school which just be enough to give my kids that. this is simply tell me or. did you read this it wasn't really wasn't good you got. to do it and it didn't lead you to do it but. this is not the first child killed in what kiev calls its antiterrorist ration more than forty minors have reportedly died since it was launched less than three
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months ago and fury over the desk has now reached ukraine's parliament. i mean. really affected shabbier not altogether sure. was. was. was it me and him in there today i would go i believe people predicted national arabic three thousand you boys even. though. that's good. you wouldn't do it when oldest boy and husband with buried another funeral started and then to move. in recent days at least six freshly dug graves have appeared that they cemetery but with a large scale military operation in eastern ukraine now underway locals fear there
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will be even more. riff notional party started logans creature is to new crane. tensions remain high on russia's border with ukraine where a russian checkpoint has been hit by ukrainian shells for the second time in just twenty four hours buses carrying refugees were moving through the crossing at the time of this latest attack witnesses say that there were casualties but nobody died ukrainian fires hit russian checkpoints a number of times since the conflict began the pictures you're about to see were filmed right after the refugees were evacuated to safety. from. morning to dawn brazos will do for. the never just. don't like. me or you.
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don't you need the morning. that i knew that was evident you need us to be you she was. my colleague kevin owen discussed saturday's developments with william doris from the international action center in new york and he believes the army's gains won't be enough for kiev. it's no great act of heroism to show a civilian community and then raise your flag over it it's no great accomplishment the world this year is celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary of the start of world war two and it's. terrible tragic that seven for the first time since the war ended for the first time in seventy years artillery an aerial bombardment is falling on the cities of eastern ukraine and villages where so many people died in that war this is an all out war by the poroshenko government on its own people and it's being funded by the united states and. it appears they are not willing to stop
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even with suppressing opposition in east ukraine. now the poroshenko obviously being goaded on and encouraged by washington is saying we will have a victory parade in crimea let's from now focus on donetsk it's a reasonably big city with more than a million people living there the resistance back in there now how is this going to play well like you said it's a very big city and it's terrible to think that planes and tanks are heading in artillery we can and are heading for that city to do try to do their what they've done in slavyansk and come a tourist. villages around there. well you can keep it today with the latest from ukraine but also dot com where you'll find in-depth coverage of the whole crisis starting from day one. of the in the.
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two men wearing israeli army uniforms have been filmed in jerusalem savagely beating a teenager fifteen year old who's a u.s. citizen his thoughts have been attacks during a demonstration over the death of his cousin a palestinian youngster who was abducted and killed earlier this week. graphic footage capturing the incident was put online provoking widespread public outrage the boy suffered serious injuries during the brutal attack and is still in hospital israeli army of issued a statement saying the police force is to blame and it's not the first time violence against palestinian teens has been caught on camera in may two teenagers was shot dead during a protest in the west bank the israeli military was blamed for those killings television denied its troops had fired lethal ammunition meanwhile medical autopsy results suggest that the palestinian teenager who's killing saw the tension spike was actually burned alive palestinians blame his murder on the far
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right juice is death sparked fierce clashes across the nation police in jerusalem using tear gas to disperse rallying crowds. the rest also spread to some arab towns with stone throwing crowds rose in the streets the teenager was murdered in revenge for the killing of three jewish teenagers which israel blames on hamas israel arrested hundreds of palestinians and raided thousands of homes while trying to locate them while hamas is offering to rocket attacks on israel television the shelling guards. killing on the palestinian teenager also sparked public outrage in the u.k. scores of people gathered outside the israeli embassy in london to show their anger or they say rising levels of racism and violence the crowds chanted slogans calling
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on israel to stop attacks on palestinian citizens. flinging open your window in the morning you might hope to see some sunshine maybe a tree a look see but residents of london woke up to a huge reeking pile of rubbish living outside we look into the details of what it's doing. so she swaps the olympic flame for burning rubber join us in the black sea resort returning. the threat of terrorism the nature of terrorism is becoming increasingly internationalized by local governments which may be the case yeah in afghanistan i'm very limited and belittling to curtail that increasingly globalized threat one how do you really strike a balance here in the forum is going to help by not fighting brooks who was going to be the first if we all start for the books you are going to want to start with i
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would be pleased if you drag. them but it's up to this but it's not. i'm erin to join me. in park and. terry contribute. only on past and. next they are not extremists jihadists from the islamic state to be called isis
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a redoubling their efforts to make territorial gains in syria and neighboring iraq but their own dishes don't and there they want a caliphate this stretches all the way to western europe as one jihadist boasted in this all mine video. spot you know joe you spain is the land of our forefathers and all the willing we are going to liberate it with a mind of allah thousands of western born volunteers already helped swell militant ranks in the region and fears are growing that the new year is about to begin an international jihad started by the islamic state group as election. now explains. as isis continues its bloody rampage in iraq a quick look at the social media reveals that people from the west are more involved than you would imagine a man claiming to be not simple ton a twenty year old british national posted a photo of what seems to be fifteen homemade bombs it was accompanied by a tweet so the u.k. is afraid i'll come back with the skills i have gained the same man appears in
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a video with several others calling on brothers in the west to join their cause we have brothers from bangladesh from from come australia you can see nothing has gathered us except to make a lot of the high us oh my goodness. i know how you feel when i. feel depressed it reaches out to sister stool in the united states in april and nineteen year old nurse was detained at denver international airport she was allegedly on her way to syria to marry an isis fighter enjoined extremist organization to as reported a system in any manner her facebook page suggested that her profession was a slave of this latest recruitment in western countries experts say is unprecedented german intelligence claimed that more than two thousand europeans have joined the jihad in syria and iraq including at least three hundred twenty germans american reporter richard angle who was kidnapped and released in syria two
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years ago says that up to seventy americans are also involved and with jihad is openly saying they could bring their terror skills home europe and the united states have reason to be on high alert a recent shooting at the brussels jewish museum is an ample example of jihad may be on its way to europe investigators claim the gunman joined isis in january and the recent tightening of security for u.s. bound flights suggests washington is becoming aware that isis terrorism is no longer a story from somewhere overseas it is real and could soon be leaving trails of destruction in its own backyard. well as they push further into syria and iraq the jihadists are getting more than just land and manpower they've also seized vital resources that could help fuel their military campaign isis has already wrested control of several large oil fields in syria from rival rebel factions the hardest are now battling with iraqi troops in a bid to seize the massive all refineries in the north of that country one analyst
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told us that isis could even start exporting the black gold we should not rule out the possibility that these religious extremists can get this oil to the market and receive funding in return isis is very well funded the were able to bank and apparently ran away with tens of millions of dollars for those recent events they made in iraq in neighboring syria they were in a backdoor alliance with the united states of america and its north atlantic allies against the master based regime the president all sought and that not only brought them recognition and influence it brought them a certain amount of funding. fear a growing islamification in seeing campaign is their push to ban the burka right wingers want women to be stopped from wearing full face veils in public or to the
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car tells you why. this bunch of toxic substances to be found in mexico city but one thing police didn't expect to find there was a load of radioactive material online we'll tell you how it probably got that. makes homes in southeast london are being swarmed by the stench inside of an ever growing mountain of rubbish which after three years of crete now stands four stories tall attempts to get the authorities to deal with the rat infested trash monstrosity have been vain so for digs further to uncover the north the eighteenth street. and he's not the only one around here saying that after a waste disposal company allowed this rubbish to pile up now estimated to stand around forty feet and how long he been living there the neighbors. were off for years. there were three with a take on second guy and so on. he would pass.
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for as you can see. they don't quite work it's not just residents here upset since december two thousand and eleven the london fire brigade have sent six hundred fifty fire engines to twenty three separate fires here racking up more than six hundred fifty thousand pounds worth of resources the environment agency recently asked the high court to find a company in contempt of court after countless missed deadlines and injunctions to meet the waste the judge they dismissed the action they it's not immediately clear why understandably the company weren't keen to talk. do you think the way the residents here being treated by a company is thirty. or they did release a statement saying without a cash injection or agreement from the environment agency to allow the company to
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generate further income we simply cannot afford to make substantial disposals the legal fees in could by the company as a result of the court proceedings have drained the company's resources this money could have been put to better use by making disposals from the site what's happened here is over a number of years you've had various firms all changing their name and saying is that different firms have been operating under a permit from the environment agency or the main people supposed to police this but no one has taken decisive in force what action will this is meant that the residents that live here instead of being able to enjoy the comfort of their own homes are left in the middle of summer that deal with the lies and the dust and this from mel that comes from that method of pile of rubbish and quite frankly that thinks. reporting for us. is round of some other world headlines for you
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now eleven people are feared dead after a plane taking them for a parachute jump crashed in southern poland the aircraft went down soon after takeoff and caught fire as it crashed into a local village on the one person survived and is now being treated in hospital because of the incident is being investigated. in egypt muslim brotherhood leader mohamed badie and thirty six of his supporters have been given life sentences for inciting violence following the ousting of islam is president mohammed morsi body had already been given to death sentences in earlier hearings president sisi has found to wipe out the organization. and severe rains of battered provinces across china leaving two people dead in the country southwest of the usual so lashed the north causing traffic chaos and leaving street under water her. also lashed a number of districts and it's not over more terentia downpours are expected this time in the east of the country. the formula
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one grand prix is back in russia one hundred years after the last race took place in the country so i went down to the new racetrack in the olympic resort town of sorts to see if everything is up to speed. the race is on for the southern resort of sochi to bids to transform itself from a limper coast into the venue for this year's russian drum. this is our organizers hope it will look for now though the reality is quite different the main grandstand still under construction and the track still being late but the sortie team are confident their circuit will be both on time and world class is going to be fine i think most most f one circuits are similar in the sense of very very kind of last minute delivery i think is probably quite challenging for a lot of drivers we have a couple of very interesting turns here which i think would be challenging to.
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show some strengths of the drivers in a different way it's not been easy for the organizers who are tasked with constructing a track that could weave its way intricately through sort she's a limping village and at high speed. so to make that happen they drafted in one of the best in the business german track guru ham until care who came up with this design and the early feedbacks to be believed seems a tilt didn't disappoint behind me you'll see that but this part of the course just imagine twenty two drivers racing down here at three hundred twenty kilometers an hour their top speed and then they break sharply for this turn to the tightest part of the course just thirty metres from side to side just imagine the bottleneck in the potential problems they all try to squeeze through here. that was battled through here they pick up speed up towards three hundred kilometers an hour if they sweep their way around this majestic picturesque bend take the round metal plaza
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and back into the more recognizable surroundings of the olympic village we took the chance to test out the track ourselves but we weren't the only ones for formula one road show served as a test drive for the big event while also giving russians a tantalizing taste of the. glitz and the glamour that lie ahead for the final layer of the trunk to be laid in august it seems that for organizes the finish line is literally in sight the mine will be the case in the future therefore in chief bernie ecclestone keen on turning the russian grand prix into a night race. sincerely wants this is a beautiful idea the fact that this year race starts at three pm and it will be a race before the next year as i am sure that the one year of such a grand prix will be of the night for us today though it's unlikely to matter too much to the officials in sochi he won the bid to make the city a global sporting mecca winner this is one race that's only just begun reporting from sochi this is neil harvey farty. so what i'm looking forward to most about
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something for you to look forward to after the break an award winning documentary about the lives of military families dealing with the loss of loved ones to friendly fire and if you watch news in the u.k. city usa looks at the daily struggles of homeless people fighting to keep their heads above water. yes it's official the mainstream media must be made up of stereotypical gossipy teenage girls i mean how else can you explain the fact that michelle obama using the term chipped has become a scandal and on white house summit on working families mrs obama explained that when she was working part time she realized she was getting gypped because she was actually king full time but only getting paid the part time salary technically the term gypped is somewhat racist it implies the gypsies are all con men but in the modern world i think most people don't even know where the term comes from i doubt
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michelle obama likes a medieval peasant shield her children from wandering gypsies who could give them the evil eye or seriously question that there is any deep racial intent in the statement i personally would let the first lady off the hook but the question is would she do the same for. me or any other person in the media probably not but they clearly for mrs obama she can't be fired from being the first lady only divorced or her husband's term ends now for me and every other person saying their opinion on camera we've got to be a lot more careful but that's just my opinion. america's military might and its foreign policy exist separately from one another the us is a formidable military power but sadly its weak foreign policy was that is why i'm not inclined to suspect the obama administration is pursuing some secret plan directed against iran.
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to speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about seventy ip interviews intriguing story for use. in trying. to find out more visit our big. army grieve the loss of every soldier. his mother father brothers and wife will forever grieve as was. grief that was compound about the failing of his army.
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we have a duty to all families of our fallen soldiers give them the truth the best we know it's best if we can. only.


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